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It is a lot like love - Sindhu&Bharath's TamBrahm Wedding

A traditional tamil brahmin wedding full on celebration mode. Bharath and Sindhu were engaged to be married in a traditional ceremony arranged by their parents, but anyone who witnessed their chemistry would swear that they are obviously in love. Bharath was working in Singapore and when the love of his life said that she would love if they had a pre wedding couples photoshoot, he flew to chennai to make her dreams come true. We had an early morning couple shoot at Mahabalipuram. They chose a classic blue suit and red dress combo that was perfect for the cool blue sea and the red rays of the morning sun.

The wedding ceremony and the reception preceding it were nothing less than a festival full of music, dance, fun and games. The reception was a complete contrast to the serene, traditional wedding with the bride and groom in royal shades of blue, shining bright with the wedding glow.

The wedding was a complete traditional affair from start to end with age-old brahmin rituals like kaasi yathra, oonjal and after wedding games. It was apt to say it was truly “sita kalyana vyboham” where the bride shone like the goddess herself. We had some very special candid moments and traditional shots that highlighted the whole shoot.

Sidhu and Barath

Sidhu and Barath

Sidhu and Barath

Sidhu and Barath

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