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A Regal Baby Shower

They say a baby is a tiny bit of heaven that floated down to earth, blessing a mother with the joys of carrying the whole world inside her. Sowmya’s baby shower was all the perfect ways to welcome a new life onto their lives.

Sowmya and Arun Prasad, a happily expecting couple settled in London, flew down to Chennai for the traditional valaikappu function in the husband’s hometown before sending her off to her parent’s home in Sri Lanka. It was every bit a regal affair held at the Hyatt Regency.

When they first approached us to photograph their celebration, we were blown away by how polite and friendly they are. They both loved beautiful photography and were so involved and comfortable with cooperating to all our demands for poses. They even sent us inspirations too consider beforehand so that we knew exactly what they expected out of us and it made our job so much easier.

Sowmya was glowing, with the natural telltale blush of a to-be-mother and her blush pink gold saree was perfect for the occasion. Capturing the lovely candid moments of the ceremony was an immense pleasure as the joy of new parenthood was evident on the couple's faces.

Photography by:

Saravanan Ekambaram,

Navin V Narayanan &

Gurushankar Subramanian

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