A genuine smile speaks a million words. They tell a story of their own. We try to narrate your story through our candid photographs by capturing authentic emotions. Candid photography is all about making the best of a passing moment.

Wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life, so let’s make it last forever. 


Start your journey together as a couple by creating beautiful memories and let us capture them as they are made. What better way than to tell the world how much you love each other than a perfect couple shoot. 


Let us tell the story of your marriage to the world. Get your own cinematic wedding film done with us. We make you the stars of your own film, full of joy, fun, celebration and emotions. 


We capture perfect, insta-worthy portraits that express the essence of your character and soul  while transporting you into the world of fashion and fairytales.



We are a team of inspired photographers and videographers lead by Mr.Saravanan Ekambaram, here to capture the most endearing moments of your life. We aspire to give you a completely joyful and comfortable photoshoot experience while giving you the perfect clicks of


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